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The Last Petal Difference

A wedding is so much more than a day. There is a whole story that made the whole thing possible. We specialize in capturing the unique essence of your romance, ensuring that your entire love story unfolds on screen, not just the events of your special day. From the first consultation to the final edit,  our commitment is to create a wedding film that is as extraordinary as your love. 


A love for magic

Just like you, we grew up on the timeless tales of Disney, and that whimsical spirit is at the heart of our cinematic approach. We believe in turning your wedding day into a fairy tale narrative. With us, your love story isn't just documented; it's transformed into a fairy tale, where every frame is imbued with the same magic that makes your love extraordinary. Let us transform your wedding day into a chapter in your very own fairy tale.

We embrace quirkiness

At Last Petal Films, we love working with couples who bring a touch of bookish charm, Harry Potter enchantment, or the excitement of video games into their love stories. Our commitment is to go beyond the ordinary, capturing not just your love but the whimsical nuances that make your connection extraordinary. So, if you're a couple that revels in the joy of being wonderfully quirky, let's create a wedding film that not only reflects your love but celebrates the beautiful eccentricities that make your story one-of-a-kind.

"Last petal films made the most heartfelt film of our wedding day! It is something that me and my husband will cherish for the rest of our lives!"

Do you have a fairytale romance?

In our pursuit of crafting enchanting love stories, we've decided to limit the number of magical tales we'll weave in 2024. We're seeking couples with truly magical love stories, and we invite you to be part of this enchanted journey. With only four spots remaining, now is the moment to embark on your enchanted journey with us.  Secure your enchanting journey with us before it's too late!

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Limited Spots, Maximum Magic:
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All-day Wedding Day Coverage
12 Additional hours of wedding weekend Coverage
Second Videographer
10 minute Wedding Film
Ceremony Edit
Speech Edit
Drone Coverage (weather dependent)
2 Hour Love Story Session
2-3 Minute engagement film
Custom Engraved USB

'More Precious than gold' Collection

Keepsake Collection:
 Prep Edit
 Portraits Edit
 Reception Edit
 Rehearsal Edit






Ceremony Edit
Speech Edit
2-3 minute Engagement Film
Custom Engraved USB

10 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
Second Videographer
1 Minute Teaser Trailer
7 Minute Wedding Film
Drone Coverage (weather dependent)
2 Hour Love Story Session



8 Hours Of Wedding Day Coverage
Second Videographer
1 Minute Teaser Trailer
5 Minute Wedding Film
Drone Coverage (Weather Dependent)
2 Hour Love Story Session (No Film)




2 hour shoot at a location of your choice
An in-depth interview together 
2-3 minute film 

LOvestory Session


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