We are moving to Fond du Lac!

I am absolutely thrilled to share the exciting news that on May 15th, our family is moving to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin! We are excited to start fresh, make new memories, and explore all that this amazing community has to offer. We simply can’t contain our excitement for this new chapter in our lives! Although it may be a bit bittersweet leaving our hometown behind, we are looking forward to starting fresh in this beautiful city. There are so many things to love about Fond du Lac – from the stunning scenery to the friendly locals, we know that we’re going to feel right at home. We can’t wait to explore all of the amazing opportunities that this wonderful town has to offer, and we feel truly blessed to be embarking on this exciting journey as a family. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Central Wisconsin Christain School


The main reason for our move is that our children will have the opportunity to attend Central Wisconsin Christian School! We couldn’t be more excited about the education and community that this incredible school offers.

As parents, we know how crucial quality education is, and after much research and consideration, we have found that CWC is the perfect place for our kids. We were impressed by the school’s commitment to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and community involvement – all values that align with our family’s beliefs. We can’t wait to see our children flourish in their new school and create lasting friendships with their classmates.

Opportunities for Growth


My husband and I are both entrepreneurs and business owners, and we just can’t wait to take advantage of all the incredible opportunities that await us in this beautiful city. Jacob is a talented realtor and I am a passionate wedding videographer, and being so close to cities like Milwaukee and Madison will be a game-changer for us. With so many amazing cities and towns in the area, there are endless opportunities for him to help people find their dream homes. And as a wedding videographer, I am thrilled to be able to capture even more magical moments for couples, with all the nearby picturesque venues and stunning natural scenery at our fingertips. I can hardly contain my excitement!

Both of our businesses will benefit greatly from the connections we will make within the local community. We cannot wait to build our businesses and make lasting partnerships with individuals who share our passion and drive. We have already begun networking and building relationships with other professionals in the area, and we’re confident that with the support of our new community, we will be unstoppable! The excitement and energy surrounding the local business community in Fond du Lac is contagious and we cannot wait to be a part of it!

Amazing Church Community


Another huge reason we are moving is that we will finally have the opportunity to get connected in a church community. Currently, our church is located 50 minutes away from our home, and with three energetic 4-year-olds, it can be quite the challenge to make time for church events and activities. But, the new church we’ll be attending in Fond du Lac is only 5 minutes away from our new home and is even located in a children’s museum! Not only will we be able to attend church without feeling rushed or stressed, but we will also get the opportunity to engage in children’s museum activities with our kids and meet like-minded individuals who share our values and faith. We can’t wait to get involved in the community there and make new connections with our fellow worshipers. Being part of a church community is so important to us, and we’re excited to finally have the opportunity to do so with ease.

The Beautiful City


Lakeside Park is an absolute gem with its stunning views of Lake Winnebago and the picturesque lighthouse. We can’t wait to spend our summer days at all of the amazing events held in the park, from live music to farmers markets, there is always something exciting happening. It’s truly a dream location for anyone who loves to be outdoors and surrounded by natural beauty. We feel so lucky to have found this wonderful community and can’t wait to explore all of the incredible scenery that Fond du Lac has to offer!

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